A fence is considered complete after the installation of its gate. It provides access to and from your property and is concerned with the safety of the home. Not only that, it is a reflection of your creative thinking. A gorgeous gate can increase the curb appeal of your yard, or home considerably and surely adds to your property value. Finding a suitable gate may be a tricky part for a new homeowner, so we came up with certain tips to make it easy for you.

The way your gate opens

Automated gates can open by swinging inwards towards the home, swinging outwards towards the road, or sliding sideways behind the boundary wall. The main contributing factor in deciding the type of gate is the nature of slope from the gate. If there is an upward slope towards the street, an outward swinging gate will not work. Similarly, an inward swinging gate cannot be an option if the driveway slopes upward from the gate towards your house. Conversely, if there is a curve in the boundary wall close to the gate, a sliding one cannot be used. Keep the space between the gate and house in consideration. An inward swinging gate would not be appropriate if the driveway from the gate to your home is too short. Do not create a nuisance for the pedestrian by installing an outward swinging gate and opening and closing it frequently. However, bi-parting swing gates will take less space during opening and closure and may be a convenient option for some homes.

The design of your gate

There may be local rules and guidelines regarding the design and type of gate you want to install. Those may impose restrictions on installing certain types of gates. Also, consider the gate designs of your neighbors so that your one does not look awkward. The style of your home is the next influencing factor for the design of your gate. An odd-looking gate will only make potential property buyer turn away from your home. For example, a Hampton style home will go with a picket fence gate. For a contemporary home, aluminum slat gates will look more modern and stylish. They provide an optimum balance between privacy and elegance. Grand older homes can be decorated with tall and intricately designed metal gates.

The color of the gate

Coloring the gate with conventional paint or more expensive metal coating will enhance the curb appeal, prolong the lifespan, and reflect your personality. Obviously, you will want to match the color of the gate with that of home. You will also need to consider the material of the gate during coloring because of compatibility issue.

Opening mechanism and level of security

The main purpose of a gate is to limit access to your home. Naturally, the more secure you want your gate to be, the more costly it will be. (Check out more facts about gates in this article.)

  • Manual access: It is the simplest way to open or close a gate. You just secure your gate with a padlock, provide every member of your home with a key, and that’s it. However, it is quite inconvenient and old-fashioned. It also proves to be a mess when a new guest comes to your home, or you are in a rush.
  • Electronic device controlled: The opening or closure of the gate is controlled by a key, code or swipe card. It is similar to padlock access, except that it is smarter. You can also motorize the gate to reduce your effort while moving it.
  • Remote control: You do not need to come out of your car to open the gate. Your remote controller will do the job. Although this feature is mostly used for garage doors, fencing gate can also benefit from it. Your guest will also be impressed by noticing you greet him from your balcony while the gate opens automatically.

Power source of the gate

There is no electric device in manual gates, so power source is irrelevant here. But automatic gates are motorized, and you will need to electrify them. You can run a cable from the main electricity line of the home, or install a local power source such as a solar panel.