Vankool’s portable evaporative cooler units are available in large variety models and sizes. Back in the day, the use of regular air conditioning system certainly dominated the market. However, with the rising popularity of evaporative coolers in the recent years, many potential customers start to consider installing them. Questions regarding how it works, and the benefits it has to offer come to the surface.

Although thought as a new technology, evaporating cooling system units are not a new phenomenon. Yes, this particular type of cooling system has actually been in use since ancient Rome. This bit of information may blow your mind and make you a bit skeptical at the same time. After all, how can an ancient technology deliver the same, if not better, result when compared to regular air conditioners? The answer is best understood by learning about its advantages, how it works and what sets it apart of regular air conditioners.

What is evaporative cooler and how does it work?

Nothing can describe this particular cooling unit better than that refreshing chill we get after swimming a few laps in the pool on a hot day. Getting out of the water always gives us that incredibly nice cool sensation. As the wind blows and hits our wet skin, the water evaporates, and that is exactly the concept adopted by evaporative coolers.

This type of cooling system circulates water through a cooling media. With water stored in the reservoir tank, it will then be pumped and immediately absorbed by the aforementioned cooling media. Typically in the form of a pad made of cellulose sheets, said pad will immediately absorb the water sprayed onto them. The surface will then hold onto the water, turning the pad wet.

At the same time, hot air is drawn into the system from the outside. The heat will then be stabilized and passed right through the now extremely moistened pad. Evaporation will the take place, all thanks to this contact between water and air. The coolers’ control system will send signal to its pump and fans to initiate cool air distribution.

The early units of evaporative coolers were called ‘swamp coolers’. The rather unattractive moniker was used to refer to its inadequacy in limiting the moisture content from being released. However, Vankool has managed to develop a technology that makes their evaporating cooling units better than the rest. By optimizing the cooling sensation while minimizing moisture content from going airborne at the same time.

Central air conditioning VS Evaporative cooling

These two cooling systems do carry the same purpose, with a few core differences in the process. Starting from central air conditioner, this conditioning system works by getting rid of the humidity out of the circulated air. Once it has taken place, fresh air will then be released into the space. The characteristic of the air it produces is cold and dry air.

While cold and dry air are well-suited to an environment that is completely airtight, many try to avoid as it typically negatively affects your health. So, what about evaporative cooling system? This emerging, ozone-free cooler only utilize water for its cooling process. With that being said it is virtually impossible for water to irritate your throat, skin and even eyes. Making it the healthiest alternative available.

Affordable and safe

Central air conditioning system is equipped with certain amount of chemicals to produce their signature cold, and dry air. While this gives quick release in the middle of a scorching day. No one can quite deny the impact these chemicals have both in the environment and atmosphere. So, what about the Evaporative system?

As we have already noted beforehand, operative coolers utilize water stored in the reservoir tank. This means that it is not only safe for our well-being, it is also safe for the environment. The fact that this cooler does not require a lot of electricity also means affordable operation cost. You may cut down as much as 50-percent of your usual electricity bill with this cooling system.

With all of these incredible benefits that the evaporating cooling system has to offer, it undoubtedly also makes it all the more attractive. Vankool, having been in the industry for such a long time, is aware of what makes a great cooling system. For that reason, those who wish to purchase industrial air cooler.

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