The windows of the home are all too often overlooked for all the good they provide. They allow light into any room and offer a view of the outside that surrounds your property. But they can also be a money-sucking pain in the neck allowing ultraviolet rays and determined intruders into your home when you least expect. As the home ages, one of the first areas that show the most wear and tear? You guessed it, all around the windows.

That’s why tinting can bring so many benefits to your home and windows, helping to prevent many of the harmful effects that your windows can have on the interior of your home. Increased energy costs, sun bleaching of your belongings, and glare can all be dramatically reduced by tinting the windows in your home with SolarFilm. Here are just four of the ways you can benefit from residential window tinting.

1. Lower Energy Bills

Heat rises and it escapes easily, right through your windows as a matter of fact. Whether it’s coming in from outside or exiting the home on a chilly winter night, when your cool or warm air can’t be kept inside it forces your cooling or heating system to work longer and harder, resulting in higher heating and cooling cost. But window tinting can make your home more energy efficient and reduce your energy costs by nearly 50% and keep the heat from coming in during those summer days. That way you run the AC less.

2. Cut Down on Ultraviolet Rays

Ever notice how certain furnishings that are positioned near a window start to lose their color and show signs of subtle fading over time? That’s because the sun is beating down on those things and harmful UV rays are bleaching them. Window tinting can all but eliminate the full range of UVA and UVB light, keeping your stuff well protected. That includes your furniture, artwork, collectibles, and any other items made with materials that can fade under extreme exposure to ultraviolet rays.

3. Less Glare

Window tinting can reduce the amount of glare that comes in through your windows by almost 85%, making it easier to see your television, computer screen, or any other electronics with a reflective surface. Window tint film is so clear and inconspicuous that you and your guests won’t be able to see it. You can just enjoy the sunlight coming into the home.

4. Safety First

Window tinting film offers safety as well, in the event your windows are cracked or shattered as a result of high winds, severe weather, or a home burglary attempt, the tinting film provides a way of keeping the glass in place. That way it won’t come apart and create a safety hazard as broken glass can be very dangerous. The film is also very difficult to break or tear, so any intruder who tries to enter the home through a tinted window is going to have a tough time breaking in to steal anything or harm anyone.