These days, a lot of people use bathtub in their house because of various reasons and one of the main reason is the change in the life style. Like other appliances and things, bathtub also gets overused, old, depreciated, damages, crack etc. Usually if there is any issue in any way in the bathtub, people would generally consider replacing it.

Refinishing or replacing

Here the question is whether replacing or refinishing, which is the best. There are many things to consider about that. Experts advise to refinish the bathtub than replacing it. As there are many advantages in refinishing over replacement it is always better to refinish the bathtub as per the condition. If the bathtub is completely damaged and there is no possibility to use it anymore and if it seem that is not usable anymore or it is waste to do refinishing it then don’t choose refinishing. The advantages of bathtub refinishing should be discussed so that it will be clear to choose bathtub refinishing than replacing.

Cost effective

Bathtub refinishing actually saves a lot for the property owners because buying a new bathtub is expensive. The fact is that once if the bathtub refinishing is done, it becomes like new. With refinishing touch it is not only repaired but also glam is elevated. Therefore, those that know about the benefits of refinishing they choose refinishing over replacement. It is a best alternative for replacement.

Regarding replacement, the entire setup has to be removed by breaking and demolishing. This includes demolition cost, cleaning cost, tiles and flooring cost and many other related charges. The final cost will be expensive. Therefore bathtub refinishing is advised in terms of cost effectiveness.


Refinishing the bathtub is quite easier and non messy as technicians would make it whatever needed according to the condition of the bathtub. Whereas, for replacement, it has to be demolished, removed and fresh pieces should be installed and a lot of works are there to change the place fresh as it is prior to demolishing.

Time saving

In case of bathtub refinishing it takes less time comparing to the bathtub replacement. In case of bathtub replacement it consumes time to bring it back to the actual setup, plumbing works and for other related works.


Bathtub refinishing ensures longevity of bathtubs. The life of the bathtub can be extended to almost 15 years or more. Of course, the new bathtub has more years of life but when cost is concerned, bathtub refinishing is best than replacement.

Eco friendly

By choosing for bathtub refinishing, landfills are reduced, cost and effort of making new bathtubs are saved. If you want to contribute something for the nature and earth, it would be better to choose bathtub refinishing over bathtub replacement.