I recently bought a second hand Hitachi AC from one of my colleagues. The AC was in perfect working condition, and it worked fine for about a month. But then it started to malfunction and sparks started coming out of the AC. So, I started searching for the best AC service in Pune. But to my despair, all of the local professionals near me were not willing to cooperate with me. Most of them stated that they could not repair this specific Hitachi AC model, while others refused to travel from far places. I was dejected.

UrbanClap came saving the Day

I was talking to my father and I was explaining him my situation. He recommended me UrbanClap and asked me to give it a try. I took out my smartphone and was quickly surfing on the Play Store in search of the app. I found it and started downloading it. The download finished in a few seconds. The app’s design and user interface were very good with focus given on the simplicity and learning curve of the app. But before I could search for AC service in Pune, I was asked to fill out some personal details so I could be registered as an active user seeking blue-collar services. In a few minutes, I was logged onto the app as a registered user.

When I tried searching for AC services near me, I was guided through a step by step process which asked me specific details of my requirements like AC model, the area of locality, and other such information so that I could be presented with the best possible list of professionals. Within seconds, I was presented with a huge list of local blue-collar professionals near me.

How I found the best service for my AC?

Since the list was huge, I used the app’s in-filtering system to shortlist a bunch of professionals who had good ratings and were somewhat near to my location in Pune. This process was smooth as well, and the list shortened further. Then I proceeded to read some of the reviews of these professionals which were given by other UrbanClap users. On the basis of the reviews, I decided over few professionals. I sent them emails asking them for their price quotes. Soon I received emails from some of the professionals among which I decided to go with Mr. Rakesh, who was based in a Hi-tech city.

I called Mr. Rakesh and explained him my situation, and he reassured me that he is on the way to have a look at my air conditioner. I patiently waited for the professional and was delighted as he remained true to his word. After some formal introduction, he quickly jumped into action and started analyzing the AC for faults. Mr. Rakesh told me since this particular Hitachi AC model was old, finding its body parts would be difficult. I was somewhat dejected to hear this. But being the professional he was, he assured me he would return tomorrow with the requisite body parts for my AC.

Next day, he was early, and he happily announced that he was able to get all the parts. I thanked him, as he started repairing my AC without wasting any more time. Within 2 hours, he had completed his work. The AC started working fine. I was happy to see this. The amount charged by him was also very less compared to what I searched online or expected. Mr. Rakesh then gave me his personal card and told me that he would happily repair my AC if any further problems were encountered. He bid his farewell.

Why UrbanClap, you ask?

I would highly recommend UrbanClap to anyone who is looking for the best AC service in Pune or any other blue collar services as a matter of fact. It’s highly reliable network of professionals of all sorts with a user-friendly interface is the best in the market. The app acts as a bridge between the needful service seekers and the experienced professionals. I would like to thank Mr. Rakesh for his immense cooperation and hard work. His work extensively showcased his experience and his passion towards his work. My AC hasn’t malfunctioned till date. He will be highly recommended by me to anyone who is looking forward to getting their home appliances repaired and that too at an economical budget.

I would also give him a 5-star for a commendable job. I would also like to thank the entire UrbanClap team for providing people this online platform, where one can search and hire local professionals for all their blue-collar service needs. The reliability of the workers is beyond measure, and it promises not to disappoint you.