Electricity is the most crucial thing for anywork in these days. It is the heart and soul of any industry. Particularly after digitalisation and advent of Internet it has got still better role to play in our lives. We have reached a state where a day cannot be passed without electricity. In this juncture, it is worthwhile to think about what if there is no electricity for some time. How can all electricity dependent components function in the absence of conventional electricity? We have found a solution for it long back-they are power generators. They run with the help of combustion engine which supplies electricity with the help of other components. Power generators run with the help of battery which on getting fully charged enables uninterrupted power supply. Unlike traditional heavy and noisy grid generators portable generators are light and less noisy and are convenient for use. These work with the help of portable generator battery.

How do portable generators work?

A gas-powered engine is used to generate electricity. This in turn, turns an alternator which is installed on-board to supply power. You can plug electric tools and extension cords to the power outlets provided on the equipment. If you go for a more powerful generator, you can expect more sophisticated outlet combinations. Ideally the basic components of a portable generator are as follows:

  • Combustion engine which runs with the help of gas
  • Alternator
  • Fuel tank
  • Power sockets
  • Starter

What kind of battery is the best?

A standby generator generally uses a 12 volt battery to get an automatic start of the engine. In order to have sufficient supply of power the battery must be fully charged so as to avoid any interruption of the supply. Also they can be charged when the machine is running. But the problem here is when there is no requirement for the generator to run for a long time the battery might be half charged. In that case, you may need an external battery charger. There are different types of battery chargers.

120 v battery chargers:

 These kind of batteries are used to recharge stored batteries. Some of them are very quick which can charge the generator in minutes and some of them are little slow which charge in hours. There is also a function of trickle charge which keeps the charge intact.

 6 and 12 volt options:

Some battery chargers give option of charging both 6 and 12 volt batteries in the same charger. Also there are something called Trickle chargers that are solely designed

to just maintain the battery.

Generator 12 v: Some generators can be used to charge batteries. They come with a power of 12 volt DC. Most of the portable generators are installed with batteries but not all. These can charge batteries even while the generator is operating.

A portable generator battery is useful equipment that can be taken to any place and used conveniently. All it takes is just to charge it and start the engine. Depending on your use, you can choose that suits your budget what with the market being flooded with many options.