Creases may occur naturally in short-haired hide rugs such as those made from goatskin rugs and cowhide rugs. Larger hide rugs are especially prone to creases and wrinkles due to their size and weight. While wrinkles can drop out and decrease over time, they can make even the most beautiful rug seem unsightly. Before ironing out the creases in your hide rug, make sure to consult a profession hide service such as Hiderugs, to find the best solution.

Be aware that even the most careful storage can lead to creases and wrinkles. Increased folding and packaging can lead to larger and deeper wrinkles. It should be known that wrinkles and creases do not actually harm the hide. While creases do naturally occur, their presence is unsightly and can be a pain. However, even the deepest-set wrinkles and creases can be tackled head on with the correct care and know-how.

Creases will drop out of the hide naturally over time, so do not despair. If you do not have the time or patience to wait for the creases to smooth out in their own time, you can take certain measures to remove them straight away.

Firstly, lay your hide on a heat-proof surface. Make sure to smooth out the hide as much as possible to prevent any further, ironed-in creases. Before you lay out your rug, make sure that the area is clean and clear of any debris to ensure that these aren’t ironed in to the hide.

Heat your iron to a medium temperature, one which you would usually use for medium cottons. Ensure that the iron is heated to the right temperature. This is a key component of hide-safety. Using an iron that is too hot can cause irreversible damage to your hide rugs.

Wet a tea towel and wring until it is damp. Use the tea towel to pat the creased area. Place the tea towel over the wrinkles and, using your iron, smooth out the crease. Place the iron directly onto the damp tea towel and smooth. Take your time to ensure that you are moving the iron in the direction of the hair. This will avoid any further creases being made and any subsequent damage. Regularly check whether this technique is working. If you find that the creases are particularly stubborn or imbedded into the hide, increase the pressure of your ironing, maintaining a firm and steady movement.

Repeat this step until your hide rug is crease-free. This may take some time if you have a particularly large rug, but a hide rug without creases and wrinkles is worth all the effort. Remember to move your iron slowly in the direction of the hair. This will ensure that you don’t burn your hide or cause any unnecessary damage.

Remember that the best way to keep your hide rug crease and wrinkle-free is to store it carefully and to maintain a degree of regular upkeep. This will also ensure that the hide rug’s natural durability is preserved.