A good roof is a crucial part of any home or business. Besides looking good, the roof also needs to keep the building safe by protecting the occupants and their possessions from the weather. It is important to hire a qualified roofing contractor whenever you want a roof installation or repair job done right. Here are some tips to help you choose the right roofing contractor:

The first thing to look into is the contractor’s name and address. In today’s digital era, you can get whatever information you want from the comfort of your home or office. When looking for roofing contractors, ensure that they have an actual physical business address. A temporary office might show a contractor’s lack of stability. It also becomes very hard to locate such a contractor in case a problem arises with their work.

Another important thing to consider is how long a potential roofing contractor has been in this business. The longer a contractor has been operational, the more stable their company is. A roofing contractor who has been in business for less than five years might be unstable and still learning on the job. Roofing contractors who have been around for many years tend to have a reputation for doing the job right. Besides, this is a competitive business and no contractor would last long if their services were less than perfect.

A reliable roofing contractor will have adequate insurance to protect their employees and to cater for any property damages. Ensure that the contractor you hire to install Ottawa roofing shingles has both liability and workers’ compensation insurance. To verify this information, ask for an insurance certificate, and if need be, call up the insurer to confirm that the contractor’s insurance is current. You will sleep better knowing that you are protected from liability in case of an accident leading to employee injuries or property damage.

In addition to insurance, ensure that the contractor you hire to install Ottawa roofing shingles has a license. Licensing is proof that the contractor in question has the right training for the job. You should also ensure that the license presented is genuine and valid. If you have any questions, contact the relevant authorities for confirmation. You can also contact your local consumer organization to know if the contractor in question has a history of client complaints, and how these complaints were solved.

Before choosing a roofing contractor, ask to see photos of similar roofing projects that they have completed before. You could also ask for a few references from their past clients. Call at least one or two of these references, and ask about their experience with the contractor in question. Ask if they were happy and satisfied with the final job and if they would rehire the contractor, if they were given the chance.

Finally, ensure that you are comfortable with the roofing contractor you hire. Reliable roofing contractors understand the importance of customer care and will do everything possible to make you comfortable. From excellent customer service to great communication skills and helpful staff members, they will ensure that your interaction with them is as pleasant as possible.