Well you can choose brick-and-mortar store for your mattress shopping or you can just buy an online mattress as there are few most popular online mattresses available to you now. Among these are the Casper and tuft and needle mattresses. But there must be only one choice which should be on winning seat. For that you need to go through the detail of each separately in terms of their construction, working procedure, price, warranty, and shipping. So their review below is going to do your job.

Casper vs Tuft and Needle Mattress Review – BestMattressesReviews


 Casper mattresses are composed of four layers of foam. First top layer is of 1-5’poly foam. The middle one is 1.5’memory foam. Third is again of 1.5’ poly foam and base is 5’of support foam.

 This mattress is designed as hybrid foam mattress which is very helpful in cooling and comfort as it is composed of poly foam which is strengthened further by the layer of memory foam.

While on the other hand tuft and needle mattress comprises two layers only. Its top layer is 3’ of poly foam. Bottom layer is 7’ of support foam. Top layer works for both support and comfort layer. Its design is custom oriented which is responsible for cooling, comfort and support. It beats the needs of sleepers.


Casper mattresses are medium to slightly firm. This means that it is not most firm. Rather it is called as softness which makes its space around your body when you are on it. Heavier sleepers may feel it firm.

Tuft and needle mattresses are also medium to slightly firm. Sleepers sink in it on a very slight scale. It gives more of a floating feeling. For heavier sleepers it is slightly firmer.

Casper vs Tuft and Needle Mattress Review – BestMattressesReviews


Casper mattresses are best suited to side sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers. These are available in a wide range of sizes from twin to twin XL, Full, Queen, King and Cal King.  Size and suitability of tuft and needle mattresses are same as that of Casper mattresses.

But Casper mattresses are slightly softer as compared to tuft and needle mattresses. While on firm scale tuft and needle mattresses are a little bit firmer than Casper mattresses. But this difference is very slight. If you come to scale it in digits it may be called as one point mere. But Casper mattresses are rated by some of its sleepers to be too firm. Also they feel their edge to be of poor support.

Both offers hundred day sleep trials and 10 years warranty. Casper has its own line of accessories while tuft and mattresses have no line of other products. They do not provide accessories. Casper mattresses are a bit costly as compared to tuft and needle which are cheaper.

Choosing between these two mattresses is hard to pick as both are the best brands available to you. They have many similarities apart from their construction and their float and sink effect. Now it’s up to your needs  what you want and then prefer a certain feel to buy it.