Living in Mumbai is really expensive, especially when you are bachelors who have just passed out the college and got a job. I was living with 4 of my friends in a 2-BHK flat in Mumbai. Ofcourse, the flat was rented and we were paying 25000INR per month to the owner. The owner lived in some other apartment while he rented us his 2-BHK flat. Though the rent was little high, we had the access to all amenities including TV, refrigerator, washing machine, study tables, beds, sofa, and all other necessary stuff. It was basically a kind of luxury flat to us. This is why we happily paid 25K as the monthly rent.

Being bachelors, we planned a trip to Mangalore for 5 days. The trip was awesome, but when we came back, we were left in a shock. The fridge door was left open for 5 days. This might not have been a serious trouble if we would have turned off the power for the refrigerator. The refrigerator lost its cooling capacity. It was not cooling as much as it used to do before. We call Whirlpool refrigerator service in Mumbai so that the fault gets fixed, but as the product was out of warranty, they were asking 1000rupees visiting charge. We might have paid the visiting charge, if they would have not told us the gas filling charge.

How we came to UrbanClap?

After getting disappointed with Whirlpool Refrigerator service in Mumbai, we started looking for the local electricians as we need to get the refrigerator fixed without getting it noticed by the owner. The owner used to visit the house every month to collect the rent and he had a keen eye on the household items. If he would have got to know about this, he might have deducted a hefty amount from the security deposit. So, we dropped up the idea of looking for an electrician in the locality.

Now, we started thinking what to do? The local electrician might have known the house owner and he might tell the whole story to him, so we dropped the plan to search for an electrician in our locality. Also, we could not visit the service center as they would have taken up the refrigerator to their branch and whole building would have got to know about this problem. The things become worse when the refrigerator lost its entire cooling capacity. The food kept inside it got stale and the water was not cooling at all.

It was a serious trouble now. I told the entire thing to my office colleague and he suggested me UrbanClap app. I installed the app in the office itself and started looking for Whirlpool Refrigerator Service in Mumbai. I shortlisted a few and contacted them. All of them sent me their quotes. After discussing it with my flat mates, we finally called Khanna Refrigerator Service. We told them the entire situation and convinced them that the entire repair work needs to be done at our flat only. They were ready for the same.

How the Things Proceeded?

The things proceeded smoothly. We booked their service without paying them anything in advance. Khanna Refrigerator Service has been working in this industry since last 10 years and provides the best Whirlpool Refrigerator service in Mumbai. Few years back, they were the authorized service center of Whirlpool too. To expand their business, they ended the tie and now they provide service for almost every electric appliance of different brands as well.

Two men from Khanna Refrigerator Service arrived at our flat the next day carrying the gas filling kit and other instruments. They firstly checked the fault and confirmed that it was leakage of gas. The fixed the fault and gave us too much relief. It hardly took 2 hours for the entire process and finally, we were relieved. Moreover, the servicemen didn’t fool us by telling us the wrong faults and guided us how to use the fridge smartly so that it gets a longer life.

We were totally impressed by their service and even offered them an extra bonus. But they didn’t accept the bonus instead they asked a cup of tea in favor of the bonus we were offering them.  We loved their honestly and attitude towards their work.

What Made Me recommend UrbanClap to People?

UrbanClap is a mind blowing app. It provides plethora of household and routinely services to the people across the country. All you have to do is install this app and you will have a lot of options in front of you. You can find just any service on this app at a budget price. Moreover, the reviews and ratings make it easier for you to choose the best one.