In spite of a huge number of various types of doors to look at today, customary wooden garage doors probably still remain the most sought after choice for homeowners. The following points are just a couple of the reasons that a wooden garage door remains a most loved decision.


The expense of wooden doors is by and large lower than doors made of steel or different materials. Painted, level panel wooden doors are the less costly garage doors. Wooden doors with raised panels are more costly than level panel garage doors. However, they are still more moderate than doors made out of different materials. Homeowners have an extensive variety of costs to look over, and there is a wooden door to fit each financial plan.

Wood Choices

Wooden garage doors are accessible in various qualities of woods. The most mainstream and slightly more expensive option is painted wood. Makers typically offer painted garage doors in a few colours, and the homeowner can simply paint the door another colour as a do-it-without anyone else’s help venture. Stained grade wood is more costly than painted wood, but does add a richer look with more character to a home.


Wooden doors can be given extra protection compared to steel doors. Preventative climate stripping can be added to the door for beautiful protection. Wooden doors are great choice for garages that are used as a play or utility room due to the great security they give.


The two main styles of wooden doors are the move up and the tilt up type of door. The move up door gives a tight fit between the door and the door opening since it is introduced behind the door opening. Move up doors have four or more flat segments that are pivoted together and move on a track to open. Tilt up doors are introduced inside the door opening and the whole panel tilts out and after that is pushed up to open. Tilt doors are a cost sparing alternative and are regularly up to 35% less expensive than a move up door.


The blends of elements for wooden doors are unending. There is also the option of combining a couple of the components accessible for wooden doors.

Windows: Some homeowners need strong wooden doors and others may  need doors with windows to permit more light to enter the garage. Wooden doors can be made to any size, in many styles, and a number of windows.

Panels: Homeowners can choose between no panels, rectangular panels, or square panels. In essence, the decision relies on upon the preference of each individual. The panel choice ought to enhance the other garage door highlights and also the home.

Special designs: Carriage and horse shelter doors are two specialised wooden doors that can give homes a-one-of-a-kind type of look. Both doors appear to open by swinging open or sliding along a level track, however, they open the same as a standard garage door.