Trees are essentially the world’s lungs, and neither animals nor people can survive without them. All over the world, trees act as a carbon sink that takes in destructive carbon dioxide and provides the oxygen you need to breathe. Apart from being a carbon sink, they come with many more benefits when present in your yard, especially if they are evergreen, coniferous trees.

Here are three reasons why you should consider adding evergreen trees to your yard.

  1. They Make an Impression

Evergreens capture the essence and beauty of nature and retain it all year round. These trees maintain their green color throughout the year except during severe winters. What’s more, they do not shed as many leaves as other types of trees, and they are easy to trim to your desired shape and appearance.

Besides looking good, evergreens also emanate an earthy and fruity scent that makes your compound smell fresh and inviting. Plus, when fully grown, these trees become a habitat for birds of all colors and cute squirrels, bringing a bit of nature to your backyard (or front yard).

For visitors and passersby, these trees capture attention and leave a positive impression about your home and family.

  1. They Save and Make Money

Evergreen trees are dense thanks to their numerous leaves, and this makes them efficient at blocking the bitter winter winds. They also help to block most of the snowflakes carried by winds, hence reducing the intensity of cold reaching your house. At the end of it all, evergreens go a long way in reducing your heating bill and enhancing your home’s comfort. Additionally, depending on their positioning, they may cast a shadow over the house during the summer – if not, you can always enjoy the nice shade outdoors.

Evergreens can also make you a lot of money if you ever decide to sell your house. Like any other asset, trees add your house’s value by several thousand dollars thanks to their good looks and functionality.

  1. Contribute to a Greener Future

As explained, the earth wouldn’t last long without trees to purify the air. And, considering the high rate at which people all over the world are clearing forests, it is obvious that the world needs more trees now than ever before. As such, you will be contributing towards a great environmental endeavor by planting trees. Consider this – just one large coniferous tree can provide a day’s worth of oxygen for four people.

Consult the Experts

Planting trees is an enjoyable experience, but it can be disastrous if not done correctly. As such, it is always advisable to consult experts and read tips for tree care maintenance from the pros when you decide to add trees to your property.

Solicit the services of a tree removal and planting company that is ISA certified to plant coniferous trees. The experts will choose the ideal strategic positions to plant the trees and do it just right so that they don’t fall on your house one day!