Nobody likes the bad smell in the house. Most worse smells in the house are coming from the kitchen or toilet. And if you have pets then you need to clean that area as well. But did you know that smell can get on your body and even your cloth? If you live in a bad smelly place, the smell from that place will get on your body, cloth and even inside you. Because of that, it is very important to keep your home fresh and all the nasty smells removed.

These are my five favorite Ways to Remove Bad Smells from the Room:

  1. Vinegar and Sodium Bicarbonate Mixture

Vinegar is a well-known substance that can remove odor from items. But if you combine baking soda and vinegar in a sprayer then you can spray the room and get fresh air in the room, free from any kind of odor. It works just like an air freshener only air freshener is expensive, and you will be breathing chemicals that are used in the making of the air freshener. Vinegar and baking soda are entirely natural products, and you can spray them as much as you like.

  1. Vinegar Towel and Baking Soda Fan

This method is fantastic for removing smoke or any other bad smell you don’t like. You need to mix vinegar and baking soda and then pour that mixture on the towel. Be careful when mixing vinegar and baking soda, it will give a reaction; it is nothing harmful just be careful.

Once you prepare your tool for removing smoke, grab it hard with your hands and run through the room and swing that towel like you are on some drunk party.

  1. Buy Air Purifier

Thankfully there are better ways to remove bad smells from the house. Air purifier, when turned on, will filter the air and remove all kind of pollutants from the air including a bad odor. Air purifier without any problems removes smoke, cooking odors, cigarette smoke and pet odor. The air purifier is the fastest way of removing odor. In just a few minutes the air is getting better, and in just an hour all the odor will be eliminated.

When buying the air purifier, you should watch for the one that has bad odor removing option or it should have a carbon filter. Also if you have concerns about ozone levels, then you should avoid air ionization. Air ionizers are very popular at removing odor, and they work very good, but they also produce ozone which can be harmful to people.

  1. Cat Litter

If you have a cat, then you probably have cat litter. Cat litter is perfect for removing odor. The main purpose of the cat litter is to removed bad smell when your cats release all kind of smelly liquids. Cat litter soaks odor and when fully soaked it needs to be removed from the room. Because of that, it is crucial that you remove cat litter from the room or the odor may be released back into the air from a soaked cat litter.

  1. Newspaper as Odor Eliminator

Odor can be removed with newspaper as well. Newspaper soaks bad smells and in that way remove it from the source. For example, if you have shoes with a bad smell you can crumple the newspaper into a ball and place them inside the shoes. Leave it in the shoe for a day or more and the product is a bad smell on the paper, but the shoes will smell better. Everyone can test this method and see that it works.


Some of the methods to remove bad odor are complicated, and some of them require time to remove bad odor from the room completely. The only method that is fast and reliable is using the air purifier. Air purifiers use active carbon filters which remove all odor, and some of them remove even hazardous chemicals from the air. But the problem with air purifiers is the money, they cost a decent amount of money, and not all people can afford it. That why I have included the cheapest possible solutions to remove bad odor from home. Whatever method you try from this list I am sure will work and your place will smell better.