Swimming pool in the yard is the most amazing place to spend hours of enjoyment and fun with the family.  So, when remodeling or including some additional features to your pool, spending some time on research will be a good idea.

There are endless possibilities and innovative ideas when it comes to designing the pool. Proper design configuration and creative pool features will turn your dream into reality. From so many recreating options, choosing the right one for proper customization of your pool would be a daunting task. Let us help you.

Today, in this article we are going to guide you about some amazing pool features that will add value to your pool area.

Tanning ledge

A Tanning ledge to any pool enhances the creative look of that pool. It looks very appealing.  It’s an ideal spot for you, if you love soaking up. Just add lounge chairs with umbrellas and you get a perfect place for

  • Sunbathing and relaxing.
  •  Kids to play.
  • Those who can’t swim.


Adding a creative waterfall to the pool will complement its appearance by giving a natural effect. Water feature options come with endless styles and designs. You can customize the pool with the rocks of different textures and finish.

Natural looking artificial stones are also available to add beauty to the shape and colours. It looks very realistic.


Customizing a pool with a hot tub will be a great idea to promote health and fitness. Whether you have muscle pain, or you’re stressed out, relaxing in the spa can be beneficial for your mind and body.

Apart from just giving beautiful effects, spas also share some heating or circulating equipment with the pool. You can integrate it to the corner area of the pool or you can build it separately.

Fire place and planters

Build fireplace near your pool to warm up yourself after swimming during night times. You can also do flower bed planting. Adding Colourful flowers and rocks is always enticing and look serene.

Swimming pool lightning

Pool lighting is one of the most popular custom-built features. Today, there are varieties of pool lighting options available. Install appropriate lights in your pool to enjoy swimming during night time.

Add some brilliant colours to the pool lights using coloured lenses illuminator. This will help changing the colour of the lights and give some luxurious look to your pool.


Grottos are the artificial caves surrounding a spa. You can build a grotto using natural stones or can engineer it. Including a grotto to your backyard design will give a ravishing look to your pool.

Auto Cover

Auto cover looks visually appealing and is functional too. It beautifully covers the pool and also prevents debris, dirt and leaves from entering the pool, thus makes it clean.

Deck jets

Deck jets provide a stunning visual effect. From traditional to modern, deck jets are available in every style. You can mount it on your pool wall or place it onto the concrete deck.

Enjoy swimming by adding stunning features discussed in this article. Remember, it’s not every day, you construct a pool.