Have you come to build a brand new home? Or do you have to renovate your old villa? Then it is possible that the temptation is great to launch straight into the work of painting, upholstering or tiling. But before leaving the tables to be upholstered, it is advisable to level and equalize the walls and ceilings correctly. Irregularities are indeed disorder; unless the desired effect is precisely to show the strength of a masonry interior wall … So let’s start from the beginning: the pool plastering company in Houston TX! To do this we can choose between wet or dry plaster works, but here we tell you a little more about wet plastering. More info on dry plastering work (that is, plasterboard) can be found on this page!

Plastering work: a professional job

Plastering work is the basis for finishing walls and ceilings. A carefully applied plaster layer is the perfect way to completely equalize the work surface. However make no mistake: plastering the walls and ceilings is absolutely a professional job. For a novice it is very difficult to avoid irregularities and defects. In addition, efforts should be made as much as possible to limit the risk of cracks and fissures in the plaster layer. So it is a must to find a professional plasterer to do perfect plastering work!

Plastering work in wet rooms

Plastering work is necessary to even the walls and ceilings before painting, upholstering or tiling. This is also the case in wet rooms, but here it is necessary to use a specific plaster. For example in the bathroom or the kitchen (and especially in the vicinity of the sink or stove, when there is no splash-proof wall) must use a plaster that resists water, cement-based. The regulating qualities of this plaster towards moisture will save you trouble for a long time! If you do not take it into account, you risk the proliferation of rot after a certain time…

Plastering work in new homes and renovations

There are two types of plaster work: dry plaster (with drywall) and wet plaster (from plaster powder). But which system is the best for new homes? And for renovations? In general, wet plastering is the most practical in new homes, and plasterboard is better for renovations. It will indeed be less expensive to plaster a whole house than to lay plasterboard everywhere. In addition plastering walls takes less time so that we will have to pay fewer hours of work. In renovations where one must for example only finish a wall, it is better to choose plasterboard. These are more practical to install in an existing house and can also be finished immediately, as there is no drying time required.

Drying time of plaster work

The wet plaster works consist of a plaster powder mixed with water to form a flexible mass. As the plaster is wet, it is necessary to be patient before embarking on the continuation of the work in the form of painting or upholstering. The drying time of the plastering work depends on several factors: the ambient temperature, the thickness of the plaster, the base… Are not you sure that the plastering work is already dry enough? So we can measure the humidity of the plaster with a hygrometer. Is the plaster still too wet, but cannot you wait and want to get to work immediately?

So you can speed up the dewatering process by renting a large hot air drier to significantly reduce the drying time of the ceiling. In any case, it is imperative to respect the drying times, to avoid cracks and crevices in the paint or the takeoff of the wallpaper.

Tips for perfect plastering

Are you an avid handyman and want to get to work? Then you have to pay enough attention to the most delicate plaster work, that is to say the curved and curved forms, the ceilings with cross beams, a wooden frame, etc. To avoid cracks and crevices, it is better to use a support consisting of a metal frame and cardboard. This is the essential foundation for all the most difficult pool remodeling company in Houston Texas. If you still lose courage, you can still use a ceiling tile. He can start plastering work as soon as windows; heating, electrical and sanitary pipes are installed. However take into account a waiting time rather long for professionals, and contact your Capper on time!