If you have a small bathroom then you may well have bemoaned the fact that you have been blatantly unable to swing even your hamster around the room, never mind your cat. Which is lucky in many ways, as hamsters are far less open to such things than felines.

However, the real problem of a small bathroom is the feeling of claustrophobia one can get, and in turn the majority of those with less floor space in the bathroom will find that they simply cannot relax as well as they should.

Ultimately, however, with the right bathroom suites and some careful planning, even the smallest of rooms can seem opulent, appealing and practical. In turn, individuals are likely to find that feel more comfortable in the bathroom and that the room as a whole simply looks far more inviting.

It is important not to make changes for the sake of it though. The biggest outgoings when renovating a bathroom will come from the labour costs, and if you have to put in brand new plumbing and electrics all over the bathroom this can very quickly add up. As such, it may make sense to try and leave certain items where they are and only alter things that truly do need to be moved to better utilise space. It also makes sense to when you do want to make large changes, use a site like TrustATrader to help you find qualified bathroom fitters.

Whether you better use alcoves by placing a shower there, or hide your sink behind the door or beneath an overhang, there will be plenty of ways to free up both wall and floor space and in turn make your bathroom look and feel more spacious and luxurious.

Wall mounting items will help a great deal. From sinks and toilets right through to your cabinets, the more that can be taken off the floor, the more space you will have. You may also find that recessed cabinets with larger mirrors on will both free up space and create the illusion of extra room in your bathroom at the very same time.

You may also want to consider whether you really need both a bath and a shower. Whilst you may benefit from buying a bath and shower combi unit, you may also simply find that a shower alone is more than enough for your needs and that, by getting rid of a tub, you can free up a huge amount of space.

Luxury bathrooms are not all about utilising the most attractive and smallest units though. Instead, the best bathroom will create an illusion of space with clever and focussed lighting. Not only will the right lighting help you to make the room look more spacious, but it will also make a bathroom more practical and safer at the very same time.

The use of underfloor heating can free up even more space, whilst placing hooks on the back of the door might also help you to remove a great deal of clutter. However, by using the right neutral colour schemes and potentially looking at the likes of corner baths, simply buying the right bathrooms online will allow you to make even the smallest of bathroom spaces both look and feel as inviting as the largest.