A portable garage is vital to your vehicle because it protects it against rain and shelters it from the hot sun. It improves the longevity of your vehicle or truck paint job. It also protects your car or truck from hard falling objects. However, not all the garages provide a luxury purpose. Therefore, you must look for good and durable portable garages in VA.

Portable garages are available depending on your custom requirements. The factors to look when buying depends on your lawn car area and also if you have multiple vehicles. Portable garages are the best because it is effortless to build and disassemble. It offers the same protection as your usual garage. You do not have to get permission from anyone to build a garage because it is portable. The portable garages are very safe because it has a security alarm that automatically locked itself. There are also available in different shapes and color depending on what you like. The following are examples of the best portable garages.

  • Peaktop

The size of Peaktop is 20 by 10 feet. The manufacturers made the frame from steel, and the base from of metal. It is the newest garage and protects for any purposes. The garage is very easy to clean. The coated steel is 38mm and 0.8 mm. This gives the best stability and better support for the car. The garage offers car protection, storage of equipment and also workshop areas. The color of the garage is white. The portable garage weighs 52 kg. It only cost $250. This price can save you money than building the garage.

  • ShelterLogic

ShelterLogic is the most durable and stable portable garage. It has the ratchet that keeps the cover tightly. The product dimensions are 41 by 19 by 10 inches. Its weight is 130 pounds. The portable garage has an interior design which is very bright to provide internal illumination. The garage protects your car from sunlight, rain and falling objects. It cost $230.

  • Caravan canopy

The dimension of caravan dimension is 240 by 120 by 113 inches. The portable garage weight 171 pounds. The seal in the top is water resistant. The frame is made of steel to make it sturdy and durable. The tube diameter is 2 inches to provide maximum stability. The top color of caravan canopy is tan. The caravan canopy is easy to assemble. It costs $200.

  • The shelter sandstone

The shelter sandstone dimension is ten by 20 inches. The frame is made of steel. The top is waterproof and is treated with UV. The best thing about this shelter sandstone is that is added with other stabilizers to make it durable and stable. The users do not have worries even during winter.

Apart from using these portable garages against rain, sunlight and heavy falling objects, you can also use for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and any other occasion. The portable garages are very light, and you carry them wherever you want, even in the offices that do not have a regular garage.