Movies have always had the chance of making a long lasting and strong impression in the society. What actually makes the movies so strong a medium to express feelings? Psychologists have said that any audio video medium appeals human senses the most since both the optical and auditory nerves perceive the images best and record them for a longer period in the memory cells. As a result of it, most of the directors have taken up the medium of movies for putting up any social message loud across.

But Marc Hagins, who has been an all time movie buff right from his early age believes that there, is another thing that makes movies a better medium. In spite of hitting the box office, and staying in the theaters for around 150 days, movies of good quality actually have a second innings of their own to play. This is simply possible by being a cult classic and being played in the homes for umpteen numbers of times. These closed walls are the best places for such movies to be played as they are being enjoyed by the niche markets that have a better understanding of the film and even finds a more authentic appreciation.

The numbers of cult movies are innumerous but there are indeed some entertaining ones as well which actually comes out just because of the lack of quality in them. These might be unusual to some extent, but turn out to be favorites just because they have the hilarious sense in them, and proves to be enduring at times because of their obvious ineptitude. They might be objectively bad to many, but worth watching for quite a few times. Marc Hagins have a huge collection of such series and he believes that discussing some them is quintessential to have a better understanding.

Out of his long list, first comes the Troll 2 where there are no trolls for sure, but only goblins that inhabit in the lonely town of Nilbog. Their main course of food round the day is human beings who have been transformed into plants so that the vegetarian diet is being maintained. The very description gives the idea how nonsensical a film can get, however the weirdest part of this ugly cult classic is the tone. Most of the critics and reviews have kept the film somewhere in between body horror and the family film genre that was mostly found in Stephen Spielberg’s films.

Another of his favorites is the Death Race which has been tagged as the most violent cult films of the 1970s. The world has been shown as the murderous car race where Sylvester Stallone and David Carradine struggle to survive the latest incarnation. Truly tagged as a masculine film in all sense but has even found some remakes as well in 2008.

There’s much more to name- The Boondock Saint, the Pink Flamingos, Labyrinth, Reefer Madness and much more. But all of them show that you need not have some grave matters to make your film a cult classic. It is just the game of time that automatically makes your film one.