Sheds need to be a combination of aesthetically pleasing, functional, durable and affordable. Another useful feature is for your backyard or garden shed to be easily customized. When you are searching for the perfect shed, keep these things in mind before you commit to your purchase, and do not be hesitant to ask the manufacturer of a shed you are considering tough questions.

What Material Is the Shed Made Of?

Metal sheds are likely the cheapest you will find. The problem is that many styles rust and dent easily. Tuff Rib steel sheds are built with the same steel roofs and siding found in commercial steel building construction.

Plastic sheds are actually quite pricey when you compare them to ones made from more durable materials. They are lightweight and easy to self-assemble with a little help, but their walls are not structurally strong enough to support a loft or any shelving to hold heavy items. Plastic sheds also become brittle after a few seasons of summer sun.

Wooden sheds are the most versatile and durable, but the floor joists, flooring and skids should be pressure treated to prevent rot, which is caused by ground contact or close ground proximity. Wood siding should be weather tough by using materials such as LP SmartSide siding panels.

What Sizes Do the Sheds Come In?

If you have been looking at sheds, you probably have noticed that there are a few basic designs with an incremental increase in size. What if you want a shed that is somewhere in between the smaller one and the next bigger model? Will the manufacturer be accommodating to your needs?

For example, Northland Sheds are built to fit the space where you want to put it. You do not have to adjust your plans or settle, because they build the size of the shed you want. Height, width and depth of shed being built for customers should all be adaptable.

What Are the Customization Options?

Almost all shed manufacturers offer a few options such as skylights or shelving. However, will they accommodate you beyond their cataloged list of options? How many color options are available for steel, vinyl or wood siding? Roofing options should include different colors for metal roofs and different colors and styles for asphalt shingles. Paint colors should be customizable to match most any available color sample.

When you are out looking for a new shed, pay close attention to the quality of the materials and the build. For example, all oriented-strand board (OSB) is not the same. OSB is durable for shed flooring only if it is the high-performance OSB. Though many materials may look the same, they are not. The wrong wood used on your shed floor can cause weakening and soft spots to develop. Also, details, such as a diamond plate sill protector, should be standard to protect doorways from damage from mowers, wheelbarrows, garden tractors and more. Take the time to compare materials, quality of construction and standard features before buying your new shed.