Kolkata is one of the metro cities in India but the streets are congested and the pests are the common problem which the folks of Kolkata face. The people are devastated from the mosquito attacks and the other pests also create a lot of fuss. After using all the available methods in market which we could have used to prevent the pest terror, we were left with no other option than getting a pest control in our house. As all the prevailing methods failed we decided to get the best pest control in Kolkata to prevent our home and our family members from the terror of the pests.

We are thankful to UrbanClap to get the best professional onboard!

Now days we tend to receive a lot of advertisements of pest control agencies in various newspapers. So, we tried to contact them and hire them for disinfecting the house but they were asking for a huge amount and the services we were seeking were missing too. So we decided to search and get the one we were seeking for from the online ad portals. But due to fake registrations over the online portals, we were unable to find any good deal there too. We were actually worried about finding the correct professional who can do the best pest control in Kolkata.

One day when I went to m friend’s place and told her about the problem I was facing, she took no time to suggest me the UrbanClap app. At first I was too confused as I never heard about any such app. But she assured me that the app will let me find the best professionals in the town to get my house disinfected. I looked towards her with a lot of questions in my eyes. She asked me to pick out my phone and search the app in the Google play store. I soon found the app in the play store and that too with amazing reviews and ratings. I clicked on the download button.

The app took no time to get downloaded and installed on my phone. Then my friend told me to open the app and search for whatever services I was looking for. I opened the app and found that I needed to enter few of my required personal details to get me registered on the app. I filled the required details in the provided fields and clicked on the sign up tab in order to get myself registered on the app. Soon, I started receiving welcome messages and mails from the UrbanClap team.

How I found the one I was seeking for, from UrbanClap?

My experience with UrbanClap in finding the best pest control in Kolkata was actually very easy and it was all possible because of the user friendly interface and the navigation of the app. I started searching for the best pest control in my locality. I was surprised yet happy to find a long list of professionals flashing on my phone’s screen. At first, I wanted to select anyone of them and get him hired for the work, but my friend suggested me to compare the professionals on the basis of the ratings they received from their previous clients. So I started short listing the professionals on the basis of the ratings they got from their clients.

Soon I was done short listing the professionals on the basis of the ratings and now I started comparing the reviews of the short listed professionals. After comparing the reviews too, I came out with two of the best professionals in our locality. I mailed them, asking for their price quotes and the services they were offering. They soon replied me with their quotes and finally I chose the one who was costing me less and had good service availability.

Why should you trust UrbanClap for all your service needs?

UrbanClap is actually a trustworthy site where the needful service seekers meet the professional service providers. I am really thankful to the team of this app as I got the best pest control in Kolkata from the professionals at UrbanClap. The professional assured us for the best services and I indeed got the best pest control from them. The whole team of Mr Tinku Banerjee from Kolkata Pest Controls was very hard working and punctual. They completed their work at time and gave us no point to judge them.

Tinku Banerjee and his whole team are highly recommended to anyone who is looking forward to have a pest control in their house. For sure, they will not let your expectations down in any manner. I am really thankful to the whole UrbanClap team as they let me get the best professionals onboard for my requirements.