Typhoons are a certainty in tropical countries like Singapore. For the better part of a year, the occurrence of rain will be a normal thing for people living in these nations. Since there will be an abundance of water during this period, you can be safer inside the sanctity of your homes.

Even though this is the case, your house can still sustain damage whenever a storm is on the horizon. This is true, especially if you fail to maintain your home and all of its corresponding systems. One such system that’s affected by the rain is your house’s plumbing system. Here are some of the consequences you might face if your plumbing system is exposed to the dangers of a storm.

Ruptured pipes

For starters, rain isn’t the only thing that’s present during a storm. There’s also the presence of strong winds during this calamity. These strong winds can cause severe damage, not only to your house, but its plumbing pipes as well. The pipes located outside of your house are most in danger but the ones inside it are also affected as well. If you don’t reinforce them, these pipes can rupture and cause water to flood inside your home. It can be as small as a leak to a full-blown stream of water that can cause all kinds of trouble.

Puddles of water inside your home

In the event your plumbing pipes or fixtures are affected by the storm, they will start leaking water. Even when the storm has passed, these leaks and the hassle they will bring to your household is going to remain. You might end up having an accident and slipping if water will build up on your floors. Worse, this water might reach your electrical sockets or appliances and cause it to short out. Whatever the case may be, having water in places where they shouldn’t be is a situation you don’t want in your home.

Increased presence of mold

Speaking of water, having this vital resource flood the interiors of your home can be a bad thing. For one, the presence of water can increase the amount of moisture. Once moisture has accumulated, you can expect mold to grow right away. Mold is a dirty substance that can contaminate the air you’re breathing and cause various respiratory diseases. If you don’t act fast to get rid of all the excess water or make sure your plumbing system won’t have any leaks, you are going to suffer through the presence of mold in your home.

Damaged sewer lines

Along with various plumbing pipes, your house’s sewer lines can also sustain damage from the strong winds and rain. When this happens, you can expect dirty water to leak outside your property and cause an unbearable odor to spread. It’s also unsanitary to be exposed to this dirty water and the foul air it produces. You can get sick just by being exposed to these dirty substances. It’s better to call on a plumber Singapore to help you resolve this problem before it gets worse.