Probably the most important but least well maintained parts of a home is its roof, Homeowners seem to spend a considerable amount of time and money on maintaining other areas of their property, while most of them pay scant attention to one of the most critical areas of the home. It is only later when major damage is incurred and the roof begins to leak or allow water seepage etc. that they realise there is a problem.

This is one of the biggest areas of damage to property across the United States, with thousands of owners across the country having to resort to hiring the services of a professional company. This is more common in the state of Florida which is prone to inclement and stormy weather. As a consequence companies like Roofex Roofing Contractors Company in Clearwater FL are hired for their professional expertise in dealing with the problem.

The fact is homeowners can save on extensive measures like roof replacement, if they ensure to have the roof on their property inspected on a periodic basis. It can help to save a considerable sum of money on expensive replacement at a later stage.

Just carrying our periodic inspection and maintenance schedules and incorporating minor roof repair (if need be) can save you a lot of time and money. Some of the most common causes of roof damage to any property are as follows:

Improper roof installation: Having the roof installed by someone who is not a specialist also results in permanent roof damage.

Lack of maintenance: When you ignore regular inspection and maintenance checks on the roof of your property, the likelihood of detecting minor damages and leaks increases. While they can be repaired at an early stage at a reasonable cost, they later develop into a full blown problem that leads to expensive repair costs at a later stage. For those staying in the area, engaging the services of professional roof inspection services in Clearwater can help to keep things under control.

Damage by wind: Similarly severe wind can also damage the roof by loosening the shingles, nails and other protective material that is present on the roof. Once uplifted or dislodged it can get blown away even with moderate wind speeds, which compromise the integrity of the roof.

Damage by hail: One of the biggest causes of damage to the roof is a severe hailstorm. This is specially so if you have a roof that has shingles on them. The hailstones can dislodge the granules on the shingle’s surface that eventually compromises the roof. It is these granules that serve to protect the asphalt layer from sunlight and is to be found below the shingles. When these granules are dislodged or damaged they allow the harmful UV rays to penetrate and cause severe damage to the inner asphalt layer.

Other weather elements: All types of weather cause damage to the roof which includes snow, ice, sunlight, humidity etc. Pollution in the environment due to the presence of chemicals and pollutants also damage the roof.

Author of this article Yakov Goldstein is a professional roof technician who works for in the Clearwater area of Florida. In a long career spanning more than 14 years, he has worked to resolve roof issues of thousands of business and home owners in the area.